Becoming a Registered Nurse

| October 29, 2015

As you are nearing the completion of your program, many of you will have been employed in various roles, from assistants in nursing, carers or enrolled nurses, to working in the hospitality/retail sector. Some of you may not have been employed at all. Many of you will know by now whether or not you are employed next year as a graduate nurse.
What challenges do you see with this transition role change and what strategies will you engage in to deal with these changes?
You are permitted to write in first person for the above question, with of course, reference to the literature to support your ideas.
The answer should not exceed 400 words. Please don’t go above 400 words. Please see below the comments from my teacher from the last assignment. Please take care of the following comments. Main concern is the format of it. These assignments require you to discuss the issues. Providing dot points is a somewhat limiting way of presenting your discussion. It minimises your ability to demonstrate critical analysis skills. Please consider using paragraphs and deepening your discussion in future assignments. Many statements throughout this paper are not referenced. It is important, especially at this stage of your course that you correctly and appropriately reference your sources of information

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