Beautiful Art.

| October 19, 2015

Next go to some major art museums located in foreign countries via the web (example The Hermitage in Russia, Riiksmuseum in Holland, The British Museum in UK, etc.) by utilizing the Internet and find some artworks you feel are really beautiful. Post all about them, and why they were selected. Who made them and when? Where exactly did you find them and what was so special that made you chose to select these pieces?

Thinking Critically: What is Beauty? What is Aesthetics? Why is it important to know the meaning of this term? Why do you think it is in the textbook? What did you find beautiful? Why? What did it make you feel?

What made you select your particular artwork choices and why do you think it important? How does it compare to any examples of fine art you have seen before?

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Art Gallery Project- foreign aggression.
History of Tofu.

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