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| February 3, 2015

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This project is based on the creation of a company called Beard Bling that sells beard ornaments. A break even analysis, expense forecast and sales forecast is needed.
Breakeven Analysis
Include a chart/table that identifies where your breakeven point would be between revenues and costs. Then include 2-3 sentences describing your findings.
Expense Forecast for Promotional Activities
Include a table that lists all the promotional ideas you have and include the cost for each item. To give you an idea on pricing, you can easily go online to identify what advertising costs will be. Please DO NOT call any media outlets. We just want to obtain a “rough” idea, knowing that if this plan were going to be implemented actual costs would need to be obtained at the time of placement.
Sales Forecast
Include a chart/table that illustrates what you hope to achieve in monthly sales during the duration of your marketing plan. If you identified a financial goal for yourself, you would want to tie this sales forecast back to that goal. Again, please include 2-3 sentences describing your forecast.
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