be sure to have completed module 5 10 5 16 in the web text before you answer this d 2920893

•Be sure to have completed Module 5.10-5.16 in the web text before you answer this discussion question.
You have now finished your final module for your 5 Information Literacy assignments. You have learned about the important Library resources and services provide by the Excelsior College library. You have learned how to choose a research topic and brainstorm ideas to narrow your topic down, how to search for peer reviewed sources and how to appropriately evaluate those sources, how to develop a quality thesis statement and outline for your paper, how to cite your sources in APA style, and finally how to avoid plagiarism. All of these were important steps as you write your final research paper for this course.
For this discussion, please present in two paragraphs, your own views on this process. What do you see is the value of the information literacy requirement for all Excelsior College students? What did you learn in these 5 assignments- what was new to you? Are you better equipped to write your final research paper after this learning? If you use outside sources in your discussion post, not just your own personal thoughts, then you must use APA citations for those sources.

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