Battle of Algeria

| June 26, 2015

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Essay  should be between 1400-1600 word. (around 5 pgs each) You MUST Answer clearly all the questions in each essay. MUIST ANSWER ALL. ONLY use the attached Documents. do not reference outside sources Essay question 1:

What is the relationship between armed conflict, empire, and identity?

Discuss this relationship as it is explored all of the following: Memoirs of Senegalese Soldiers, Rachid Bouchareb’s Days of Glory, Frantz Fanon’s “On Violence,” and Gillo  Pontecorvo’s Battle of Algiers?
Principal characters in Days of Glory:
Abdelkader: idealistic Free French Army private expecting to be promoted based only on his performance as a soldier
Said: Free French Army private promoted against his wishes to corporal when he becomes an aide to Sergeant Martinez
Martinez: Free French Army Sergeant and French resident of Algeria who attempts to conceal his mother’s Arab identity
Massaoud: Free French Army private who falls in love with a white French woman in Marsailles
Yassir: Free French Army private trying to protect his younger brother, Larbi
Principal characters in The Battle of Algiers:
Jafar: Leader of the FLN in the Casbah. Portrayed in the film by Saadi Yacef, the former leader of the FLN in the Casbah
Ali la Pointe: Criminal who joins the FLN
Hassiba, Zohra, and Djmila: FLN operatives responsible for bombing attacks against civilians in Algiers
Le Petit Omar (“Little Omar”): Algerian boy and messenger for the FLN
Lieutenant Colonel Mathieu: French Army officer ordered to take command of the fight against the FLN in Algiers. A composite character based on several French officers who fought against the FLN in Algeria in the late 1950s
Larbi Ben-M’Hidi: High-level FLN official captured by the French by accident



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