Based upon your reading to date, identify 3 positives and 3 negatives of the civilian/military response issues.

| January 12, 2015

Course name: International and Humanitarian Disaster Management Course description: International and humanitarian disaster management has steadily evolved over decades. The increased emphasis on global disaster preparedness from both governmental and private sectors has widespread application across all borders. Through the exploration of disaster models, public health principles, economic, social and political elements, students will explore the application of the disaster cycle.
The assignment of this week includes two questions that you will answer BUT please be guided by the following instructions (VERY IMPORTANT) the topic of this week is about Security Issues.
1- Please answer both questions using ONLY THREE references.
2- The reading assignments of this week, which might be considered are:
Peace corps safety:
OCHA component L and N

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The management of 40 years old male patient who presents with a 6 week history of right c6 sensory radiculopathy with objective sensory neurological deficit and mr scan that howsa c5/6 disc protrusioncausing c6 root compression

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