Based on the text : Luthans, F., & Doh, J.P. 2011. International Management: Culture, Strategy..

| February 5, 2015

Based on the text :Luthans, F., & Doh, J.P. 2011. International Management: Culture, Strategy and Behavior. 8th ed. McGraw-Hill Irwin
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Read In-Depth Integrative Case 3.1, pages: 399 – 407 – Tata “Nano” : The People’s Car

  1. 1. Provide 3 full sentence (points) based on this reading that is NOT found in the text
  2. 2. Answer questions 4 AND 5 on page 407 with at least 1 paragraph on each question based on the text
  3. 3. Provide 2 power point slides summarizing your answer to questions 4 and 5 on page 407 (1 slide for question 4, 1 slide for question 5)
  4. 4. Provide 2 questions that my class can have a discussion on, based on a current international business management issue and provide the articles to each question

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Exporting solar panels to Brazil

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