Based on the MEDEX mission statement, tell us how your values and experience make you a good fit for MEDEX.

| July 21, 2016

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Applying to a Physician’s Assistant Program

Sorry about the long description, they have several questions to answer.


– Medic in the Army

– Wanted to include my respond to house fires while in the Red Cross as a story that inspires my vounteerism


  1. Describe how your experiences working with, talking to, or observing physicians, PA’s or NP’s have convinced you that the PA profession is the right health care role for you.

Worked with several PA’s with strong background in volunteering, showing passion for helping the underserved communities. Compassion for their patients and liked working under multiple specialities during their career (one worked under as Emergency Medicine then switched to orthopedics)


  1. What are the biggest challenges you face in returning to school, and what will you contribute to your MEDEX classmates?

Biggest challenge and excitement includes coming back to structured learning environment, I have been taking independent learning courses and learning through the clinic for several years.

My contributions to MEDEX include my vast military experience, volunteer experience with the Red Cross, and having be able to act at the level of an independent medical provider in austere environments that may provide some insight


  1. Do you believe your academic history accurately reflects your ability to successfully complete PA school? Please explain.

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