Based on reading of chapter 5 in our Through Women’s Eyes textbook, authors Ellen Carol DuBois and Lynn Dumenil, answer the following questions.

| June 25, 2015

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Based on reading of chapter 5( please make sure all answers are based on readings from chapter 5) in our Through Women’s Eyes textbook, authors Ellen Carol DuBois and  Lynn Dumenil, answer the following questions. Be sure to type your answers using this sheet. Remember to write in complete developed sentences. Questions need to be answered , though not just in a literal sense, but in addition with more than the occasional example as evidence in support of the answer. The explanations provided must be well beyond the minimum and suggested a clear, confident, nuanced, and full understanding of the key issues raised by the questions. The paper should be neat and readable and totally in conformity with college level work.

1. Using the Jewett painting as evidence on p. 255, what was the ‘California dream’ advertised to migrants in the 1840s?

2. What does it mean to say that women clung to the “ideas of the true womanhood” on the western pioneer trails?

3. What sorts of hardships could women expect on the western overland trails?

4. What did the writings of Sarah Winnemucca  and Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton reveal about the effect of white westwarad migration on Native Americans and Californios?

5. What basic connections did women have to the Gold Rush?

6. What were the root concerns that prompted women to join moral reform causes in the decades before the Civil War?

7. How did women’s reform activism deepend  the “gender consciousness” of middle class women?

8. In what ways did the Oneida community challenge traditional models of of family and marriage?

9. Look at the image on p. 269 captioned “Am I not a Woman and a Sister?” explain the dual messages it contained. 

10. How did abolitionism encourage women to develop and think about the specific issue of women’s rights?



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