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| July 23, 2016

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Your task is to analyse a bank’s financial and income statement, before and after the Global Financial Crisis. You need to pick the statements from a bank of your choice (preferably from a British bank), for the years 2007 and 2013 (i.e. the statement before and after the global financial meltdown). Then, using the relevant material from the lectures, try to provide answers to the following question (please, do not forget to attach the statement as an appendix to your assignment; this appendix will not count to your word limit):


(The 3000 words should be distributed based in the mark ratios)


(i) Discuss the purpose of financial reporting and the potential problems that might emerge due to mishandling/misreporting financial data. (20 marks)


(ii) Present and analyse the composition of assets and liabilities of the bank, before and after the global financial crisis of 2007/8. Can you identify any differences, especially in terms of capital and the potential exposures to credit and default risks? (30 marks)

(Comparison with example)


(iii) Using some of the key profitability ratios discussed in class, provide a comparative discussion of the income statements before and after the financial crisis periods. (30 marks)

(Using the rations mentioned in the slides only)


(iv) Based on your previous analysis, you are requested to provide some recommendations to the bank’s board, on how to improve their performance in the following years. Focus on issues related to profitability, risk exposures, sources of income for the bank, as well as the use of the bank’s funds. (20 marks)

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