Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map of British Petroleum (Bp )

| February 15, 2014

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Start with a cover page that contains your course module, student i.d number and the date you want to submit and the number of words you want to type.
The next page is the table of content, but of course you know that should come at the end.
The next page should be your executive summary of the whole course work, which should be done after the coursework, but it shouldn’t be more than half a page.
The main work starts with the vision and strategy of BP. here you should check BP’s website to check for the company’s vision and strategy. Then you should check for the strategy they have for the upstream.
The next page is where you have your table for Balance scorecard for the four perspectives (customer perspective, financial, innovation, internal business process).
After all that the next page should contain the strategic map
The next page should contain the recommendations .
Next page should be critical discussion and evaluation of the balance scorecard. This part should be critically analysed.
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