Awareness and Self-consciousness in This is Water by David Foster Wallace

| December 12, 2015

Awareness and Self-consciousness in This is Water by David Foster Wallace

As the title of this progression might suggest, your task in this first essay is to deepen an idea from your primary text. For our purposes—and based on our sources texts this progression—this deepened idea will most likely deal with a question of “the self in the world.”
But what does “deepen” even mean?! Some possibilities:
• elaborate upon
• consider the implications of
• build upon
• extrapolate from •
How do I do that?!
• To begin, you must identify a new intellectual question that emerges from your reading of the text. Then, in the course of your essay, you must attempt to answer it—with the help of a second text and, optionally, experiential evidence (personal experience).
This essay should have:
• a clear articulation of problem (in the form of a question)
• rich representation of your text(s) and analysis of specific moments
• original thinking rooted in your text(s) that seeks to address this
• structural integrity (a beginning, middle and end that work in
tandem to best present your original question, source texts,
interpretation, and thinking-in-writing)
• thorough and accurate citations
Finally, this essay must be formatted according to MLA guidelines—and any additional formatting specifications included on the syllabus. Good luck!

This assignment was due previously and I got the essay back with a bad grade please read the requirements and the readings and write a completely new essay. Thank you so much

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