automotive system and finite element analysis

| June 19, 2015

Apply the method of substitution to analyse vehicle axle loads US2m: Knowledge and understanding of underpinning principles of calculus, matrix and numerical methods in relation to the finite element method US3: Apply the method of Finite Element Analysis to analyse strength of engine and transmission components El: Apply underpinning principles of stress analysis to analyse the strength of a vehicle component E3: Ability to use finite element software to predict deformations and stresses in systems or machines E4: Model and evaluate transmission components D2: Understand vehicle design in relation to its aesthetics D4: Ability to use finite element software to design new automotive components P1: Understand the key components in an internal combustion engine and how these provide mechanical motion P2m: Identify the range of materials used in an internal combustion engine P4: Use instructions to dismantle and assemble a transmission system P7: Understand tolerances, limits and fits in relation to bearings and shafts

ASSIGNMENT (Automotive) Assignment set by; David Tucker— Semester 1 – 2014 Title: Automotive Systems Principles  You are required to produce a report (2400 words) which evidences your experience associated with the module learning outcomes identified above. This should be specific to the following areas:

(i) Demonstration of knowledge regarding experimental techniques (ii) Ability to collect / generate and interpret data (iii) A comprehensive understanding of typical test equipment (iv) A comprehensive analysis of aerodynamic loads and their effects on chassis loading (v) Use analytical techniques to solve engineering problems,

You should evidence these outcomes by answering ALL the following questions posed. You should aim to be reflective in describing the work carried out, to the extent that you make some judgments of your breadth and depth of understanding in these areas, and expand to areas such as ‘future developments’ as informed by your literature review.

Overall Mark Allocation: Marks will be awarded according to the following criteria:

• Section 1 – Part 1 a = 10% (Data, technical content, quality of discussion and conclusions) • Section 1 – Part lb = 10% (Content quality, research methods and conclusions)


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