Authority and Family structure in Bulgaria and Papua New Guinea

| August 26, 2015

1. Each paragraph should be organized around a clear topic idea. The point by point approach seems to be the most appropriate for this particular topic. If you adopt this approach, each paragraph will focus on one difference between the Papua New Guinea and the Bulgarian family. Here is a possible structure: Introduction A few opening sentences followed by the thesis statement. Your central claim is that the management of the extended family requires more rigorous rules and presupposes stronger bonds between family members. Main point 1 patriarchal vs. liberal The paragraph on patriarchal values is well written (just try to add one or two specific examples). As far as the Bulgarian family is concerned, I think you should consider the following questions: If there is no center of authority in the Bulgarian/Western family, what is it that brings the family members together? How is the Bulgarian family managed? Main point 2 gender roles in Papua New Guinea and Bulgarian families How does the pattern of gender roles affect the management of the Papua New Guinea and the Bulgarian family? What is the division of labor in each type of family? This should be the focus of the paragraph. Main point 3 …………………………………………………………….. 2. You need to provide more specific examples. 3. Try to reduce the number of abstract nouns as subjects of your sentences.

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