Audiovisual media Entertainment producation in GCC

| January 10, 2015

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Dear writer things I need you to keep in mind regarding the paper I upload THE PAPER which i need you to do the following. 1- you must number the whole paper 2- you must avoid or delete using creative industry 3- no need to focus in one country such use in this stage 4- some Notes for Me RESPONSE – you have a lot of information about the countries; suggestion: now focus on your variable “entertainment”, find a definition for it; are you talking about entertainment or entertainment production? what does media entertainment production mean? à define the concept – find measures for the aspects you told us with respect to economy, religion etc. how does it affect (audio-visual) media production? – focus on relevant aspects only (e.g. leave out information about shopping malls etc.); try to find a systemization for all these aspects (e.g. a table) – use formats like “pop idols”, e.g. for illustration purposes, i.e. to clarify how the structural framework (culture, economy…) affects media production DISCUSSION – you seem to start to mix culture with entertainment production (see Bahrain) – maybe extract the aspect “religion” as a separate point since it seems to be different from “culture”; explain the differences between religion and culture; – maybe you should locate it as another aspect that encompass all others, it serves as a framework – together with the political and legal framework – are you using your model for all the countries individually?; since some of the elements are similar in some of the countries – are you aiming at describing differences or finding similarities between the countries? – suggestion/input: it is a lot, don’t get lost ; ) maybe you one to lie out a matrix with all influencing factors to structure it, weigh them according to their importance and focus on those – how do you find out which aspect has more influence on the entertainment production than the other? are you going to do surveys? how do you measure that? how does your empirical study look like? can you find measures for all aspects of entertainment production (movies, TV productions, music…) TAKE HOME MESSAGES – you gave us first interesting insights into the country but we need more structure; the model is the road for your investigation: we need the operationalization for the different dimensions? what is “economy”, how do you measure it, what are your indicators? as soon as you have defined your indicators, you can describe the countries according to these indicators, they will give you the structure – you will be able to argue about influences but you will have problems to really measure that influence; it might be better to focus on similarities and differences between the countries; maybe you find patterns that help you to get to your results.
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