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This assignment consists of two parts that each make use of a JAVA based simulator.
There are two ways that you can record your results and submit your assignments. The first one, the worksheets, are the preferred form of submission for this assignment but that might not work for everyone, particularly MAC users. For MAC users, in case the worksheets don’t launch properly you can fiddle with your security settings to try and disable blocking of third party applications.
Method 1: Worksheet Submission:
Submit your measurements using this worksheet (see the video tutorials on worksheet usage linked on the assignments page).
When you download the worksheet, enter your real name in the box. A partially submitted worksheet can be recovered using that ID.
When you have completed your worksheet, click on the words “Submit Your Work” (ignore the button that says publish to global view in the actual simulation). If no error messages appears, then your work has been submitted.
Note that you can type in the worksheet as the worksheet cell will expand vertically to encompass your text.
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