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| February 11, 2014

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Book: “the search for life in the universe” third edition, donald goldsmith and tobias owen.
Answer the following questions in detail of 1 page per question.
1. Discuss three methods for finding distance in the universe. The author discusses parallax and using the spectra (include the h-r diagram in your answer). Research to find a third method. Again, remember i am looking for a detailed explanation of how the methods work.
2. Tell me about the birth of the sun.
3. Tell me about the death of a massive star that will end up going supernova (be sure to write about a supernova too).
4. Discuss the theory of everything (toe). This will involve your going through the first few eras of the universe where the four forces were unified and describing what happened with the forces, the particles and the universe.
5. The matter/energy of the universe seems to be divided among baryonic matter, non baryonic matter, and dark energy. Tell me about these. How much of the universe is made of each and why do astronomers believe this to be true?
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