Asthma in Saudi Arabia

| January 19, 2015

The attached research need to appropriate paraphrasing or re-writing.
should be of publishable quality. They should be checked for spelling and
grammar. References should be properly cited using Harvard styles.
Appropriate font style and size and line spacing should be used. Figures and tables should be
appropriately labeled. Poor formatting and cutting and pasting will be penalized.
The structure of the assignment should conform to best practice, in particular:
• Literature reviews should be detailed and up-to-date
• The methods used should be clearly described.
• An abstract should be included.
• Justification, interpretation, conclusions and recommendations should be clearly stated
All submissions are automatically screened using plagiarism detection software called Turnitin so please ensure that you have not cut and pasted sentences or portions of text from other sources; rather, write the text in your own words and reference appropriately.

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Ethical Issues and the Future of Health Services
Research Methods and Critical Appraisal for Health Promotion and Public Health


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