| August 19, 2015

There has 2 sections for the report
1. Report plan (250 words) which describes the research findings that will be used to give a logical structure to the report. The report plan should outline and describe the sections which are related to the research that included in the final report. The plan can include some point form style, but mostly use clear headings and complete sentences.
2. Final report (1000 words): decribe and analyse a particular health issue – asthma.
1. the plan shows strong understanding of the topic. well organised with evidence. including headings and main points.
2. the report is logically structured. included table contents. clear introduction. findings and discussion are well-organised. headings and numbering are effective. conclusion sum up the points. Medical language is frequently and appropriated used.Reference is in APA style.
The report plan should be in seperate page from the final report.

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