Assignments questions for course (Introduction to Mass Media 110 01)

| February 10, 2014

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Textbook: Should read it.
Potter, W. James. Media Literacy (7th ed.). Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2013.
Assignments questions: answer the questions and make it in folder(Word) please.
Week 1:
Is there anything in the media that you find offensive? Describe in detail. If you could ban something for one week, what would it be?
Week 2:
Review Chapter 2 for information on the multidimensional aspect of media literacy (cognitive, emotional, aesthetic and moral). Find a music video (include the link) and assess it on each of those four areas.
Week 3:
Review Chapter 5 for information on children as a special audience. Then do the following:
Pick a TV show that you watch regularly.
Describe the themes.
If a child age 5-8 watched this show, what behaviors might you expect on the following levels:
Cognitive: what information is learned?
Emotional: how the child acts?
Moral: what decisions a child might make
If a child kept watching this show through adolescence without parental guidance, what behavior might you expect?
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