| June 19, 2015

Question 1.

Social Media project There will be three presentation on different Staging of implementation.
This assignment requires you to familiarize yourself with one social media outlet e.g. Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. You will be expected to apply this to a company and develop a new social media campaign for the company. Assignments will be judged on clear thinking, critical thinking, insight and organization. You will need to implement the idea in both theory and practice.

Question 2.

Discuss the impact of social media on one current news issue in a 20-30 presentation.
This assignment involves an in-depth analysis of the impact of one or more issues on current news story of your choice. Selected topics should focus on a significant, political, economic, social, cultural, health environmental issues or events. You are encouraged to decide on a specific context, i.e. local, regional or international. Examples of topics could include but are not limited to: Facebook and the stock exchange; Canada’s Policy towards Afghanistan, local elections, popular personality or product, service etc). Successful completion of the assignment will be based on extensive information acquired from the selected media forum. If you are not a social media user, this assignment will require you to join at least one forum (e.g. Facebook or a support group) and to get into groups within the social media’s network that address your topic. Your presentation should focus on perspectives from users. For example: Are the views objective? Is there a sense of community among the users? Is the forum effective in achieving its goals (4 Pages) (20%)
Question 3.
Write a formal research paper (3-4 pages double spaced) based on one of the topics covered in class e.g. politics, marketing, journalism etc. You will be expected to select an area that captures your interests and to conduct extensive research on the topic. You will be required to do the following:
1. Draw on one journal article and one scholarly book. If you cannot locate a relevant book, you will be required to use at least 2 journal articles (these can be accessed online). If you are unsure about accessing journal articles please contact the librarian for assistance.
2. Briefly summarize the significance of your topic to social media.
3. Present your own personal opinions on the subject. (4 Pages) 20%




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