Assignment wk 8

| July 13, 2016

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International Financial Reporting and Analysis


Week 8: Assignment: Final Project


Final Project: Organisational analysis project: Financial reporting


This week you will be completing your Final Project for this module. You will submit your Final Project this week, continuing the work started with the Proposal and extended further into the Outline. The purpose of the Final Project is to apply the concepts and techniques of the module to the analysis of real-world situations or problems. You are expected to use diverse sources of information and to carry out an original analysis rather than summarise or rehash existing work. You are also encouraged to use situations and data from your own experience where possible.


For this module, your course project should reveal mastery in the application of the financial reporting and analysis concepts emphasised in the course. This involves reporting on a specific organisation within an industry and the financial reporting and accounting practices relevant to the chosen firm. The Project should be submitted in the form of a formal business report that provides a detailed analysis of the regulatory environment in which the selected company operates, its capital structure, underlying tax system and financial reporting regulations, plus corporate governance structure. You will also be required to conduct a thorough financial analysis of the organisation.


For this Project, you have selected a company to research with regards to significant financial reporting and analysis issues.


The Final Project is due this week. For this Project your tasks are as follows:


Analyse the regulatory environment of the country in which the chosen organisation is based, identifying the major elements and regulations that affect financial reporting and how this may differ from other countries.

Analyse the selected organisation in regards to capital structure and off balance sheet financing.

Evaluate the tax system and major regulations affecting the chosen organisation.

Analyse the organisation’s use and reporting of intangible assets and financial instruments.

Conduct a thorough financial statement analysis on the selected organisation.

Analyse of the corporate governance structures of the chosen organisation.

Describe the organisation’s exposure to foreign currency exchange risk.


The Final Project should be 5,000 words in length. Calculations and supporting documentation should be included in appendices and are not included in the total word count. Where appropriate, students should use references to support their positions. Citations should be in Harvard referencing format.

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