Assignment that is related to Electronic Commerce On Internet

| May 20, 2015

Assignment 1 Requirements:
For this assignment, you will be required to conduct an online purchase and
prepare a report related to the purchasing experience and security. Specifically,
you will need to:
• Identify the site and the product that you are looking to purchase
• Evaluate the ways in which the site attempts to enhances your purchasing
• Identify instances during your purchase in which your security could potentially have been compromised (support your opinion from the E-Commerce perspective- whether positive or negative –and use high quality sources)
• Determine the ways in which the e-commerce site attempts to minimize/
eliminate potential security issues.
This paper should follow proper research paper standards including cover
page, proper citations and references. Journals, texts, and high quality Internet sources are permissible as long as they are properly referenced. (You should have at least 2 sources – course text not included in minimum requirement.)
Papers should adhere to the standard for the APA format, be edited for
grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and be approximately 2 pages of actual content (front and back matter not included in the 2 pages).
You are not required to actually complete the purchase; you may follow the
process until you get to the point where you are required to make final
submission. Note however that by doing so, you may miss valuable
information that is provided after final submission).




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