ASSIGNMENT: Poetic Forms

| January 12, 2016

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ASSIGNMENT: Poetic Forms

The subject matter, for some poems, will determine the form. Poets use generic structures to create certain effects in their verse.


Choose two different modes of poetic expression, each of which demonstrates very different uses of poetic form.

The following is a list of different poetic formats from which you may possibly choose:

  • concrete poetry
  • free verse
  • sonnet
  • blank verse
  • prose poem
  • lyrical poem
  • ballad
  • haiku
  • ode
  • soliloquy

In a comparison chart, explain the similarities and differences between each of your selected modes.

Then, in paragraph form (150–200 words), describe which you feel is the more effective of the two, and why.


Your paragraph composition will be evaluated using the Paragraph Scoring Guide.


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