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| September 25, 2015

Assessing Stakeholder Feedback



Design and create a survey to measure a business issue, problem, or activity of your choice.  Collect information from a functionally diverse population and apply critical thinking to capture meaning from survey results. You are to use the survey polling software Survey Monkey. You canfind the Survey Monkey site at You should have at least 20 survey respondents. Note: If you wish, you may tie this polling exercise into your Course Project.



Business analysts use a variety of tools to gather information and feedback about a project.  One of these tools is surveying stakeholders. In this exercise, you will create, design, administer, and evaluate the results of a stakeholder survey. The stakeholders may be part of your course project or they may by any other group of individuals you wish to survey.


Choose your Issue and Design your Survey


  1. The first task is to choose the business issue you will analyze. Create a schedule of activities to measure the issue that includes identifying the correct stakeholders, selecting the best business analysis techniques, managing requirements, and identifying necessary progress assessments.
  2. Construct a diagram of the inputs, tasks, and outputs to map the Survey Monkey survey project. You can see examples of this diagram in front of each chapter in the BABOK®.
  3. Define your survey objective. What are you going to survey? What questions are you going to ask? What is the objective of the survey? What will you do with the information?


Build your Survey

  1. Build your Survey Monkey survey.Go to the website, and register for the basic service.After you have registered, review these tutorials.
    1. Getting Started
    2. Question Types
    3. Survey Templates
    4. Customization
    5. Response Validation
    6. Skip Logic
    7. Printable PDF File
  2. Design a 5-10 question survey to obtain the information you need to address your project queries.


Identify stakeholders and run your survey


  1. Identify your stakeholders or survey population, and run your survey. Make sure you allow enough time for your stakeholders to complete the survey and to analyze the results.


Analyze, Interpret, and Summarize


  1. Analyze and interpret the resulting data. What does the survey information tell you about your chosen issue? What conclusions can you draw from this information?
  2. Summarize your conclusions.
  3. Include raw survey results in an Appendix.


Your paper should be 4-5 pages, following APA format.  Include theory and references accordingly.


Paper Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Description of business issue
  3. Schedule of activities
    1. identify stakeholders
    2. select analysis technique(s)
    3. timeline of activities
  4. Diagram inputs/tasks/outputs
  5. Describe survey and the rationale behind each question
  6. Survey results
  7. Analysis of survey results
  8. Conclusion




Grading Rubric


Category Points Weighting Description
Content 60 pts 60% All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way.  Page count met.  Major points are stated clearly, are supported by specific details (examples or analysis), and are organized logically.  The paper links theory to relevant examples of current experience and industry practice. Provided depth and clarity.
Grammar and Spelling 20 pts 20% Paper is well written and is college level writing.  Rules of grammar and punctuation are followed. Spelling is correct. Follows APA format.
Organization & Cohesiveness 20 pts 20% Paper was organized, has topical flow, and used appropriate industry vocabulary, concepts, and theory.  Paragraph transitions are present and logical, flow maintained throughout paper. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. Sentence transitions are present and maintain the flow of thought.
Total 100 Pts 100% A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


Table of Contents

Introduction. 2

Description of Business Issue. 2

Schedule of Activities. 2

Identify Stakeholders. 2

Select Analysis Techniques. 2

Timeline of Activities. 3

Flow Diagram (inputs/tasks/outputs). 4

Description of Survey & Rational behind the Questions. 5

Survey Results. 6

Survey Analysis. 7

Conclusion. 8

Appendix. 9


























This Stakeholder Analysis Report has been produced to document Papa Bob’s BBQ Shack’s approach to determining if the introduction of the new Honey Mustard Rubbed Ribs has been successful during our product launch period.


Several research methods were considered but the final decision was made to conduct a survey of current customers and residents local to the Papa Bob’s BBQ Shack restaurant locations.

Description of Business Issue


The latest trend in the Rib and Barbeque restaurant industry is to use rubs as opposed to sauces. A rub is a blend of dried spices, herbs and flavors which are applied to the ribs prior to being smoke and prepared. Since its opening in 1993, Papa Bob’s BBQ Shack’s barbeque sauces have become locally renowned for their consistent and unique flavors. Previous attempts to change or add new sauces were not easily adopted by consumers; many attempts were scrapped after the introduction phase. In order to keep our menu contemporary, we try to add new flavors to our menu as regional and industry trends arise. Several area restaurants have had some success with dry rubbed offerings and Papa Bob wanted to present his family’s secret dry rub recipe as well.


Schedule of Activities


Identify Stakeholders
In order to identify the stakeholders for this project we determined our current restaurant patrons were the best place to start. As they came into the restaurant, our wait staff introduced the Honey Mustard Rubbed Ribs as a new menu selection. After their meal, patronswere asked to take our survey. We also did a mailing to the local residents around each restaurant location and invited them to come in and try our new Rubbed Ribs. Again, when they finished, we asked them to take our survey. Finally, patrons at our Stadium location were given a free sample of the new rib recipe and then were asked to participate in a survey.


Select Analysis Techniques

Several different analysis techniques were discussed ranging from developing several focus groups to brainstorming sessions and even stakeholder interviews. However after the process of stakeholder identification was completed, it was determined that conducting a survey would be the best fashion to accumulate the data we required in order to conduct the analysis that would best meet Papa Bob’s needs.

Timeline of Activities

When determining the timeline of the activities required accomplish the tasks necessary to launch a new type of ribs into PapaBob’s menu, we needed to be sure we allowed enough time to do this project correctly. This included sufficient time to develop and introduce the new product, as well as allowing enough time for it to be tested, evaluated and adopted by our patrons. In order to accomplish these tasks in an organized and methodical manner began with the following.


  1. Develop our business case
  2. Determine the business needs of Papa Bob’s Rib Shack
  3. Identify, define and develop the extent of the scope that our possible solution will entail.
  4. Identify our target market including all stakeholders (internal & external).
  5. Identify stakeholders roles and responsibilities
  6. Conduct market research to the latest trends and expectations of the target market identified.
  7. Determine and choose the method and techniques of elicitation to be executed.
  8. Develop survey questions and perform validation to insure identification of improper or leading questions.
  9. Timeframe 1-2 months
  10. Conduct Survey (elicitation process)
  11. Timeframe 1-2 months
  12. Assign resources to collect and tabulate survey results.
  13. Perform analysis of survey results.
  14. Develop and report survey results and analysis to board.
  15. Timeframe 1-2 months


  • Total time to prepare, conduct, compile and report survey results and feedback 6 Months


















Flow Diagram (inputs/tasks/outputs)






Description of Survey & Rational behind the Questions



Question 1:
With our survey we first wanted to determine if our attempts to get people to try our new recipe were successful?


Question 2:

Asked people to rate how our ribs tasted to determine if the recipe was being accepted or needed modification(s).


Question 3:

Was our value consistent with our customers’ expectations based on previous visits to our restaurant and visits to other area restaurants?


Question 4:

The rationale behind this question was to see how Papa Bob’s rib flavor compares other local and national brand restaurants in the area to see how our recipe stacked up.


Questions 5 and 6:

Recommendations – were the people who tried the ribs willing to recommend our ribs/restaurant to others and if not, why?


Question 7:

How successful are our servers at upselling tickets by adding side dishes?


Question 8:

Which of our four locations was visited by our survey respondent?


Question 9:

How enjoyable was their overall dining experience?


Question 10:

General comments and suggestions not covered by other questions in the survey to determine if there were any trends that would show us other ways to enhance our patrons’ dining experience.








Survey Results


Survey results are compiled from a sample size of 20 respondents.


100% of surveys were fully completed; no partially completed surveys were submitted.


The majority (70%) of respondents had tried our new offering. Of those, on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest and 1 being lowest), the average rating for sweetness, tanginess, level of heat and overall flavor was between 6.2 and 8.53.


Respondents indicated that our current price, $12.95 for a half slab, was at least a good value. This indicates that we might need to offer the new product at an “introductory price” to encourage trial and enhance the perceived value.


In comparison to Papa Bob’s competitors, the majority of survey respondents indicated that Papa Bob’s was equal or superior to these local, regional and national restaurants.

In addition, 75% of respondents were either extremely or moderately satisfied with their dining experience at our restaurant. Since 45% were only moderately satisfied, we have learned that our next priority will be to enhance and improve the dining experience.


Fifty percent of survey respondents were very or extremely likely to recommend our new product. An additional 40% were still moderately likely to make a recommendation. Of those who would not recommend our product, not liking the flavor was the most frequent response (15%).


When asked if they had tried any side dishes, only 65% responded that they had done so. This indicates that we need to focus on providing additional sales training to our servers and staff to take full advantage of our upsell potential.


Downtown was our most visited location. This is our flagship restaurant and also has the highest street traffic. Next were the MegaMall and Lake location, not surprisingly followed by the restaurant at Stadium Shops.


Finally, in an open response opportunity, respondents were able to share their suggestions to improve their experience with us. Suggestions ranged from lowering prices, to offering more seating; nothing earth shattering and nothing that indicated a critical need demanding immediate attention.











Survey Analysis


After conducting our designed survey we began compiling and analyzing or results.  During the analysis we discovered several potential issues that we will have to address at some future time; however, we were initially pleased with the results we received.


Our overall business need concernedwhether or not our initial campaign to introduce our Honey Mustard Rubbed Ribs had succeeded or was ineffective.  Considering that only about 70% of the survey respondents indicated that they actually tried our new offering was slightly disappointing. This told us that we had done better than we had done in the past when introducing new menu items, but still had great deal of future work to do on our introduction methods.


When we looked even deeper into results we were pleasantly surprised to find that our target group of stakeholders gave our new menu offering what we considered a major seal of approvalin regards to the flavor profile we were attempting to achieve. This feedback along with information we gained in relation to how our customers perceived the value the new offering provided them was critical to the success of the new product.  Only 5% of the individuals taking the survey felt our pricing efforts provided a poor value for the money they spent.


Because the local area where Papa Bob’s is located has a large number of other BBQ style restaurants, we needed to find out how our establishment compared to some of the other locally owned and operated facilities along with a couple of nationally known restaurants.This survey question provided us some very valuable and unexpected insights to how the local community compared our offerings when compared to similar sized restaurants.  Once again Papa Bob’s compared equally well against the national chain facilities and as well as or better than the local entities.


When the customers who participated in our request for feedback through our survey were asked if they would recommend our new offering to anyone else, 90% of the respondents gave us a moderately likely to extremely likely response that they would do so.


Finally, through the remaining questions of the survey we tried to gauge how well our staff employs the upsell skills and techniques we train them to perform. We also attempted to identify the locations that are being visited. The results were not a surprise since our flagship location was still most visited out of all.  However, what was a surprise was that our Lake location was really beginning to display an uptick in numbers of people now choosing to dine there.










The purpose of this survey was to measure how effective Papa Bob’s Rib Shack was in introducing a new unique menu item to what they have offered since their original opening.  We also want to conduct the survey so we could measure ourselves against the locally owned and operated restaurants and the nationally operated restaurants that have locations in our trade areas. We were also very interested to see how we were rated by our current patrons in regards to the value our new offering was providing them.


The responses to our survey providedto us with very good results when it came to how well our stakeholders felt we did on the taste and flavor of our new product as well as the value they were receiving. While some respondents expresseddissatisfaction, overall results from the survey suggest that the majority of those surveyed were satisfied with what we were now offering.


The evidence to support this can be found from the results gained from question 5 in which the respondents wereasked if they would recommend Papa Bob’s with ninety percent of those responding being likely to recommend us.


Furthermore, when respondents were asked if they were satisfied with their overall dining experience at Papa Bob’s, eighty percent responded that they were slightly, moderately or extremely satisfied , in fact seventy five percent were moderately to extremely satisfied.


Overall, our consumers appear very satisfied with the new menu item and we will continue it as a full time offering.
























Question 1








Question 2





Question 3












Question 4










Question 5












Question 6












Question 7











Question 8









Question 9







Question 10

































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