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| July 18, 2016

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Domain class diagram.

Produce an analysis class diagram focusing on the problem domain. At this point it is not required to be fully attributed. However it is important that you attempt to model as many of the entities as possible, and to ensure the correct multiplicity. A large amount of the required information is present in the OVERVIEW section of the case. However it is important to study the whole case as there may be other details or important context that is situated in other sections. (35)

Decision Table.

Draw a decision table to capture the logic of determining the priority category for a call. This is explained in the interview section on page 6.

You may wish to follow the decision table examples/exercises used in the tutorials as a template and starting point for this exercise. (25)

Activity Diagram.

Draw an activity diagram to show the flow of activity for the process of logging an emergency call and dispatching a response team. Most of this activity flow is explained in the interview section of the case on page 8. Two of the most relevant items have been highlighted in the case as a hint but other useful information may be present elsewhere. End the activity diagram with Close Emergency Call even though this may not explicitly be stated in the interview section highlighted. (20)

Activity Diagram.

Draw an activity diagram to show the flow of activity for the process of supervisor actions on waiting emergencies. This describes the situation when an operator is attempting to dispatch a response team but no teams are available. As with previous questions, the most relevant section of the case has been highlighted as a hint.

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