Assignment 9

| June 7, 2016

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Following is the assignment, please look at the attached instructions and guidelines for this assignment.

Describing something technical to someone who is not technical is one of the hardest things to do. Yet, it is also one of the most common tasks we find in the workplace. You could, for example, need to solicit funding to build something or to run tests or experiments. In these cases you must submit a request to someone else who controls the money and probably has no idea what it is you do and why.

For this assignment you must pick something from your discipline—a device or procedure maybe—and write a technical description. Use the information from class and from Chapter 6 of your book to create a 1-2 page description, and be sure to include images to create a great looking layout.

What to describe: please choose something from your own major, preferably a small device that is used by professionals. please write about a computer hard drive.

-computer hard drive

The description should be 12 pt font, Times and single spaced. You should appropriately cite sources used and include a list of references at the end . You should also include at least one graphic of the item following the guidelines.

guidelines for using Graphics:
1- A graphic should tell a simple story
2- A graphic should reinforce the written text, not replace it
3- A graphic should be ethical
4- A graphic should be labeled and placed properly

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