| July 15, 2016

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create a transcript of a “mock interview” you conduct with a researcher in the field of neuropsychology. The mock interview should focus on how brain cells develop and also how they degenerate. You should ask the researcher the following questions and then create a transcript of your interview:


1.Describe the development of the brain. Is the brain completely developed at birth or does the development continue throughout childhood? Describe the concept of synaptic pruning and how this process impacts behavior. At which stage in the lifespan is brain development considered complete?


2.Describe some factors that result in the degeneration of brain cells.


3.Provide an example of a disease that causes the degeneration of brain cells. Which areas of the brain are impacted by this disease? What are some of the symptoms of this disease? Are there any treatments to stop the degeneration of the brain cells? How does the degeneration of the brain cells impact behavior?

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