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| August 3, 2016

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Read the Professors’ notes on the four parts of Assignment 5 carefully. This assignment measures your grasp of the material belonging to the Professor’s notes in Module Five and related topics. Regard its numbered units as chapters within your textbook and the “professor’s notes” as the “classroom” part of this course. The latter are particularly designed to enhance your grasp of what is expected in each part of this assignment.



(Remember: no assignments will be accepted after 11:59 am – This means NOON – 8/5/2016)


Part 1. How business ethics is interpreted by the economics department

In this Part 1 of Assignment 5, six examples of economic systems are discussed. Each claims its validity on the argument that it is more a guarantor of security and fairness than the others. They are: Libertarianism, Free Enterprise, Free Markets, Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism. Then the debate on corporate social responsibility (CSR) is discussed. For your 700+ words:


Part 1 – A. Tell where you stand in the Friedman v. CSR debate. (The Friedman CSR view is the same as the post-depression model – He opposed the contemporary model. (This is the history of the problem) Do you agree with Friedman or not? Briefly state each and give your view.)


Part 1 – B. Tell which economic system you believe your CSR view best aligns with and explain why. (Here you must link your choice to one of the six economic systems given in the PPts. Properly done, this means that you would research an article that ties one of the economic systems to the Friedman debate. I did not ask for this because it takes a lot of time. But, you need to focus on the one and only one system that you believe aligns. Getting a source for more information on the economic system you believe applies would help.

Do not summarize my PPts regarding the other economic systems, and, actually you should not even base the summary of your choice on the PPts. I’m just telling you what to look for. You should base the summary on a researched description of the system.


Part 1 – C. Find an article or paper on CSR that you believe agrees with you, briefly outline its conclusion, and explain why you believe it supports your own view. (In 1-B you made a case for your view using an economic argument. To clinch where you stand you must next find an intellectual source, journal article preferred, that agrees with your interpretation of CSR. Once you find this, you conclude your paper with a brief outline of its view and make a concluding statement.


Part 2. The core issues in environmentalism as they relate to business activities

This Module provides an overview of the topic of sustainability. For your 700+ words in this Part 2, of Assignment 5:

Part 2 – A. Provide a brief overview of what you have learned from the discussions on sustainability in this module. (Don’t just cut and paste my PPts statements – use your own words)

Part 2 – B. Find an article or paper that gives the story of what a particular company did to measure up to the three principles within the concept of sustainability.

Part 2 – C. Tell what the company did and explain why you see that as meeting the goals of the three principles.


Part 3. The important role played by codes of conduct in the professional world

This Module provides an overview of the topic of Codes of Conduct. For your 700+ words in this Part 3, of Assignment 5:

Part 3 – A. Provide a brief overview ( write this as an essay) of what you have learned from the discussions on how codes of conduct relate to integrity, reputation, and professionalism in this module.

Part 3 – B. Find an article or paper that gives the story of how a professional had his or her reputation ruined by a lapse in meeting up to their professional expectations (do not use anyone discussed in this module).

Part 3 – C. Tell what the individual did, how they were harmed, and explain why what they did harmed them. ( don’t be afraid to research and cite additional sources regarding this)

Part 3 – D. Conclude with a brief discussion on whether you believe the harm done to them was fair or unfair and why.


Part 4. Important business ethics issues currently in the news

This Module simply concerns important business ethics issues currently in the news. For your 700+ words in this Part 4, of Assignment 5:

Part 4 – A Find a magazine or newspaper article published in the last six months that gives the story of an important business ethics issue. – Avoid the VW story since students have already heavily used it elsewhere.

Part 4 – B Provide an overview of the story in your own words. Don’t cut and paste.

Part 4 – C Tell how it relates to something in this course.

Part 4 – D Conclude by providing your own thoughts on the article.

Part 4 – E Treat yourself to your favorite dessert as a reward for wrapping up this course.

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