Assignment 4

| June 6, 2016

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Assignment 4


Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date
Assignment 4 100 50 13 June 2016
Word count: 6000–8,000 words      



This assignment specifically addresses four of the learning objectives of the course:


  • LO1: demonstrate a critical awareness of the importance of IT service management and the need for organisations to ensure that effective processes are in place to manage the significant investment in IT infrastructure


  • LO2: demonstrate an awareness of the nature and contribution of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and ISO/IEC 20000 in providing good practice frameworks for IT service management


  • LO3: demonstrate the capacity to comprehend and evaluate the objectives, activities and associated roles and responsibilities to enable effective planning, management and improvement of IT service processes.


  • LO4: apply the international standard for IT service management to case studies including the IT service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement.





This assignment is an individual assignment, therefore you cannot work in a team for this assignment. Submit your assignment individually.


One case study article is provided on OKD HBZS Mining Rescue Services.


For the purpose of this assignment, assume the role of a consultant who have been hired by HBZS to contribute to a review of IT Service Management at HBZS. You will prepare a report for Mr Tomáš Gurny, the IT Manager at HBZS.


Refer to the marking criteria for details of mark allocations.


Note: the word count does not include letter of transmittal, executive summary, references or appendices.


Referencing requirements for assignment 4


References are required and the Harvard AGPS standard of referencing must be used. Plagiarism, collusion and cheating will be severely penalised as per the  Academic Integrity  Procedure Penalty Schedule.





Activity A: Journal (maximum 300-500 words) 10%

Prepare a journal that records your activities and progress related to completing this assignment.


In date order, clearly list the following:


  • Date of research activity/discussion


  • Web sites visited to collect information; other references accessed


  • Time duration of the activity


Date Time duration activity/discussion Web sites visited to collect information



Submit this journal as an appendix to activity B. Any references to web pages and online documents, such as white papers, should be listed at the end of the journal.




Activity B: Case study (max 6500-7,500 words) 90%


Structure, presentation and introduction 10% ((1000-1500 WORDS))


Your report should include a

letter of transmittal,

executive summary and

introduction to the report.


Part 1. Ongoing ITSM at HBZS 15% ((1000-1500 WORDS))


Based on the first and second phase of the ITIL adoption as described in the case study, advise Mr Gurny on future improvements to ITSM at HBZS. For example, should additional ITIL processes be adopted, or should the existing processes be improved?


Part 2. Service Transition 20%((1000-1500 WORDS))


  • Mr Gurny is aware that the Service Transition phase causes many operational issues in other firms. From your reading of the case and knowledge from the course,
  • discuss the Service Transition processes in place at HBZS and advise Mr Gurney on the critical transition processes and
  • how these processes are inter-related to other ITIL and HBSZ processes.


Part 3. Service Operation 20%((1000-1500 WORDS))


One of current challenges is the possibility that HBZS will totally outsource the IT department.

The case mentions a few of the ITIL Service Operation processes and the Service Desk function. Mr Gurney has asked for your advice regarding the benefits and limitations of outsourcing only the Service Desk while maintaining the other functions of the internal IT department.


Part 4. CSI and Business-IT Alignment 15%((1000-1500 WORDS))


Mr Gurney has mentioned that the IT department moved from a technological point of view to a service point of view. He intends to establish a formalised continual service improvement (CSI) process. Discuss the current service reporting in place, and how it could be extended in the future. What is your advice to Mr Gurney on how he can foster the Business-IT partnership at all levels of the HBZS?


Part 5. Conclusions and Recommendations to the IT Manager 10%((1000-1500 WORDS))


Provide a summary of your findings and make recommendations to the IT Manager.



Case study


 OKI HBZS Mining Rescue Services


Please download the case study from this link: smb


NOTE: ITIL® is a registered trademark of Axelos Limited.


CIS5308 Management of IT Services 2016 Sem 1                                                   Assignment 4 – Page 5




Criterion HD A B C F Max  
Activity/Task     A: Journal        
Journal Compelling and Good structure and Adequate structure Adequate Poor structure 10%  
  well-structured comprehensive and account of structure but and/or    
  account. account of activities. activities. limited description inadequate list of    
        of activities. activities.    
  Activities clearly Referencing Minor errors in   Incoherent    
  described. Initiative compliant with referencing method. Limited references account.    
  clearly Harvard AGPS   provided and/or      
  demonstrated. referencing method   poorly formatted Lack of    
    with some minor   reference list. reference list or    
  Reference list lapses.     poorly formatted    
  provided and       references.    
  correctly formatted.            
Activity/Task     B: Report        
Presentation of Professional Carefully and Shows organisation Shows some Disorganised/ 5%  
report presentation of logically organised. and coherence. attempt to incoherent.    
  material resulting in     organise in a      
  clarity of message Title page and table Adequate title page logical manner. Poor formatting,    
  and information. of contents clear and and table of   or missing title    
    accurate. contents. Some flaws in title page, table of    
  Professional     page and/or table contents.    
  appearance of title     of contents.      
  page and accurate            
  table of contents.            
  Appendices are Appendices used to Adequate use of Appendices not clearly identified or    
  clearly labelled and provide appropriate appendices for referenced.      
  referenced. supporting material report readability.        
  Excellent clarity of Expression fluent. Grammar and Grammar and/or Frequent    
  expression. Grammar and spelling mainly spelling contains mistakes in    
  Grammar and spelling accurate. accurate. errors. grammar and/or    
  spelling accurate.       spelling.    
    Referencing Most sources are Gaps in      
  Referencing fully compliant with referenced. Minor referencing and Unsatisfactory    
  compliant with Harvard AGPS errors in referencing errors in in-text referencing. Few    
  Harvard AGPS referencing method method. references or or no references    
  referencing method. with some minor   reference list. or inconsistent    
    lapses. Clear evidence of   reference    
  Wide range of   research and References are method.    
  appropriate sources Variety of application of used in a purely      
  appropriately appropriate sources textbook concepts. descriptive way No evidence of    
  analysed, applied appropriately   indicating research or    
  and discussed. analysed, applied   limitations of irrelevant    
    and discussed.   understanding. sources cited.    
  Clear and concise Format suitable At times language is Language is Lacks letter of    
  letter of transmittal, Senior Manager unclear and/or poorly executed or transmittal or    
  executive summary, except for minor unsuitable for uses too much executive    
  suitable tone and lapses in audience Senior Manager jargon. summary. Style    
  style for Senior focus. audience.   not appropriate    
  Manager.       for Senior    


© University of Southern Queensland


CIS5308 Management of IT Services 2016 Sem 1                                                   Assignment 4 – Page 6




Criterion HD A B C F Max  
Activity/Task     Introduction        
Attention to Clearly introduces Reasonable details Basic facts on Some aims Lacks vital 5%  
purpose the company and of company and company and identified. information    
  report. report. report.   about company    
          and report.    
  Has addressed the Has addressed the Addressed the main        
  purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the   Fails to address    
  assignment assignment assignment.   the purpose of    
  comprehensively. coherently     the assignment.    
Activity/Task   B1: Future Development of ITSM      
Consider next Provides excellent Clearly describes Adequate Limited Incomplete or 15%  
stage of ITSM description of future description of future description of description of inappropriate    
  direction of ITSM at direction of ITSM at description of future description of description of    
  HBZS. HBZS. direction of ITSM future direction of description of    
      at HBZS. ITSM at HBZS. future direction    
          of ITSM at    
    B2: IT Service Transition        
ITIL transition Demonstrates Comprehensive Adequate Limited Inadequate 10%  
processes at sophisticated understanding of IT understanding of IT understanding of understanding of    
HBZS understanding of IT service transition service transition IT service IT service    
  service transition processes. processes. transition transition phase.    
  phase.     processes.      
Links between Provides excellent Clear analysis of Adequate analysis Limited Incomplete 10%  
service transition analysis of links links between IT ST of links between IT description of analysis of links    
processes, other between IT ST phase and other ST phase and other links between IT between IT ST    
ITIL and HBZS phase and other processes at HBZS. processes at HBZS. ST phase and phase and other    
processes processes at HBZS.     other processes at processes at    
        HBZS. HBZS.    
    B3: IT Service Operation        
Discuss service Demonstrates Comprehensive Adequate Limited Inadequate 15%  
desk outsourcing sophisticated understanding of IT understanding of IT understanding of understanding of    
option. understanding of IT service operation service operation IT service IT service    
  service operation phase. phase. operation phase. operation phase.    
Discuss service Demonstrates Comprehensive Adequate Limited Inadequate 5%  
operation sophisticated understanding of understanding of understanding of understanding of    
processes. understanding of role of service desk. role of service desk. role of service role of service    
  role of service desk.     desk. desk.    
    B4: CSI and Business-IT Alignment      
Understanding of Demonstrates Provides a good Provides Provides limited Inappropriate or 15%  
CSI and service sophisticated ability evaluation of CSI satisfactory evaluation of CSI missing    
reporting. to grasp CSI and and service evaluation of CSI and service evaluation of    
  service reporting reporting. and service reporting CSI and service    
      reporting   reporting.    
    B5: Conclusion and Recommendations      
Conclusions and Clear conclusions Good development Adequate Limited Conclusions and 10%  
recommendations and shown in development shown conclusions. recommendation    
  recommendations conclusions and in conclusions and   s not drawn from    
  well- grounded in recommendations. recommendations. Recommendations material.    
  material presented     do not build on      
  demonstrating     analysis.      
  insights into ITSM            
Total           100%  

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