Assignment 2

| November 21, 2015



If you choose to handle my paper be sure to give ORIGINAL WORK. HERE IS MY REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS PAPER.


  1. Original work; If you have to copy be sure your work is not below 95% original.
  2. Quality; The content should be great and make sense.
  3. Grammar; Grammar should be good, no errors no sentence structure errors
  4. Formating; The format should be APA, with citation and referencing. references should have all inform Author, page, publisher etc
  5. Organized work; Please answer all questions as expected and use subheading to help trace your content.
  6. Use rubric; Use rubric to see which subheading you should use and check you have covered all areas as expected.



Attachments:Assignment 2: Course Project Part I: Interview and Background Research

Refer to the Course Project Overview in Course Home. Early in the course, you have selected a specific disorder. Research it using your textbook and Internet. A minimum of 5 sources in addition to your textbook should be used. At least three of those sources should be peer-reviewed journal articles. The remaining 2 sources may be books, journal articles, or reputable web sites (like those from professional organizations or governmental agencies, not Wikipedia or similar sites).

Review the rubric, as it provides detailed instructions on how best to succeed on this assignment. In the rubric, you will find that you need to address the following in a paper:

  • Description of the selected disorder (Identify the DSM diagnostic category for the disorder and distinguish between diagnostic and commonly used terminology.)
  • Causative factors of the disorder
  • Diagnosis of the disorder
  • Treatment of the disorder
  • Survey of current research on the disorder

Write a 4 and half pages paper in Word format. Remember to use the rubric as you write your paper. Apply APA standards to citation of sources, and include an APA style  title/cover page and reference page.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Description of selected disorder. 20
Causative factors of the disorder 32
Diagnosis of the disorder 32
Treatment of the disorder 36
Survey of current research on the disorder 36
Organization (12 points): Introduction, Thesis, Transitions, Conclusion

Usage and Mechanics (12 points): Grammar, Spelling, Sentence Structure

APA Elements (16 points): Attribution, Paraphrasing, Quotations

Style (4 points): Audience, Word Choice

Total: 200



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