Assignment #1 – XML and Databases Relationship Research Paper

| October 27, 2015

Use any available reputable resources (at least 5-6 different sources) to research, review, familiarize yourself, and understand the relationship and interaction between XML and databases. Then write a 1,500 words report that provides a detailed explanation of your findings to someone who is familiar with XML and databases, but who does not understand how the two are related or how they work together. You must use multiple pictures, images, graphics, and/or diagrams to help reinforce your report, support your explanations, and clarify your analysis to your audience.
Submit your comprehensive 1,500 words research paper (with full APA references) as a properly organized, labeled, and formatted MS-Word document and the Turnitin originality report (PDF) in the corresponding Assignments area.

– Guidance – Do not spend time providing definitions or reviewing different types of XML and databases; that is already assumed. Focus instead on explaining how they work together, for what purpose, and why organizations use them. Make sure your report is professional, detailed, organized, and clear. Please use section headings to separate the analysis areas. Someone reading it should easily comprehend what you are trying to say without doing additional research.

– NOTE – Work turned in must be your own analysis, written in your own words, and not a collection of quotes from the Web or from course conferences posts. Papers will be judged on the ability to professionally discuss the issues, doing the proper research, finding reputable reference materials, conducting a critical analysis of the relevant information, proper organization and formatting of your discussion, and the thoroughness and logic of the analysis.

— Originality Report — A graduate level assignment should never include more than 20% verbatim quoted information. You are being judged on your own work and analysis not someone else’s. The overall similarity index must be less than 20% match. No single source shall have a similarity index above 5%.

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