Assignment #1: Competitive Advantage

| November 25, 2015


You are a marketing consultant to Tim’s Coffee Shoppe. A way for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe to determine the advantages (or weaknesses) Tim’s has as compared to their competitors’ is through doing a Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM). When you identify Tim’s key success factors, you can weigh them according to the strength/weakness compared to the competitors.


  • Download the Template below to start your Assignment.
  • Optional Step 1: Do a partial SWOT analysis by concentrating on the internal strengths and weaknesses at Tim’s (based on your practice in the Learning Activity in this unit) versus what would be Tim’s competition if Tim’s was located in your nearest town.
  • Step 2: Then complete the Competitive Profile Matrix which provides greater specificity of the strengths and weaknesses you found. Fill in the levels of strengths and weaknesses for the competitor and then compare the two companies in the template provided.
  • In addition to the completed Competitive Profile Matrix, summarize your findings and the implications and recommendations to Tim in a minimum of a one page summary. Additionally add a title page and a reference page and submit your Assignment to the Dropbox in APA format and citation style.

    View the rubric below. Submit your minimum 4 page response using APA format and citation style which includes a title and references page to the Dropbox.

Additional Resource: The U.S. Small Business Administration website.

ID: AB299-04-09-A

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