Assessment 2 – Health Promotion Report

| November 13, 2015

Assessment 2 – Health Promotion Report – 2,500 words (weighting 50%) 2015-2016 For this assessment you are
required to present a report which details the implementation and evaluation of a health promotion intervention carried out in t
For this assessment you are required to present a report which details the implementation and evaluation of a health promotion intervention carried out in the university.
Relates to Learning Outcomes 1, 2 & 3
Report Overview
The following aspects should be addressed in your report:
1. Title
2. Aims and objectives
3. Introduction and rationale
4. Literature review
5. Critical discussion of health promotion approaches
6. A brief outline of the intervention
7. Evaluation
8. Recommendations and conclusion
9. Bibliography
10. Appendices
Report in detail
The section below highlights in more detail what the report entails, please read carefully. You will also need to attend lectures and seminars to gain a complete understanding of the assessment task.
Title Page
The title should be specific; it should convey the subject matter in approx. 20 words. Broad titles such as ‘Health Promotion Report’ are not useful. Other key details on the title page are: student number and module code
Introduction and rationale
The introduction should orientate the reader to the topic and also signpost the reader to other sections of the report. The rationale needs to provide an answer to the question ‘why have you chosen this particular topic and target group?’ The rationale needs to be literature-based.
The introduction and rationale are the foundations for the rest of the report, it is important they are presented soundly.
Aims and Objectives
The aim should be stated concisely, you will need to present one aim. The objectives need to be carefully considered, you will present between 3-5 S.M.A.R.T. objectives; this should state what you expect the respondents to know, feel or do after the intervention. The aims and objectives should be presented in bullet-point format.
Literature Review
You should aim to answer the following question:
‘What literature exists that is relevant to the topic (e.g. other health promotion intervention in universities, other interventions using similar approaches), and what claims/theories/criticisms have academics already made’
The literature review will include a summary of at least 8 peer-reviewed journal articles. You should attempt to present summary of the literature that has informed your own intervention. You do not need to read everything that has been written, keep it specific to your topic.
You may return to the literature review after you have completed the evaluation; how can the existing research help you to develop your recommendations?
Critical discussion of health promotion approaches
This section requires you to present a critical discussion of health promotion approaches. You will also need to provide a justification for your chosen health promotion approach. This section should be based on literature; the reading list is a good place to start.
Brief outline of the intervention
You will need to outline what you did in your intervention; this should demonstrate how you attempted to achieve your objectives. You may provide examples of the materials you used in your appendix.
This section should also provide a discussion on potential ethical issues and how each issue was managed, please ensure this discussion is supported with literature.
This section should begin by outlining what evaluation tools you used, you should provide examples as an appendix.
Following on from this, you should present your evaluation findings. This section should include clear tabular and graphical representations of your findings. Each objective should be discussed. It is okay to be honest about the impact of your intervention, for example, you may state that the objectives were not achieved, however, you do need to make clear what improvements would need to be made in the future.
Recommendations and Conclusion
The conclusion needs to highlight the relevance of your intervention in relation your rationale and existing literature. You will need to make some recommendations based on your intervention and the existing literature. You will need to demonstrate an understanding of the limitations of your intervention.
Finally, the conclusion should summarise the report.
It is very important that your report is underpinned with relevant literature; all citations should be presented in Harvard style.
The appendices do not count towards the word limit. All reports need to include the following appendices:
– Sample Consent form
– Evaluation tools used (e.g. sample questionnaire)
– Resources used during the intervention (e.g. leaflet, power point etc.)
You may wish to add other relevant appendices.
Report presentation
A report is presented differently to an academic essay; you will need to use headings and subheadings (where relevant). You are expected to present the report in line with standard academic expectations -i.e. a clear structure (e.g. introduction and signposts for the reader etc.) which is properly presented (i.e. good use of English, spelling, punctuation, spacing, collated) in order to demonstrate your ability to organise your work. It also includes the level of written expression using the appropriate academic tone and avoiding slang and inaccuracies. You should write in plain English avoiding unnecessary jargon or lists.
And SH5001/SH5F01 Assessment 1 – Poster Presentation (weighting 10%)
For this assessment you are required to present an academic poster which details a proposal of a health promotion intervention to be carried out in the university.
This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes 1, 2 & 3
Poster Presentation
The following aspects should be addressed on your poster:
1. The title of the proposed health promotion intervention
2. Identification of the target group
3. The aims and objectives of the health promotion intervention
4. A clear rationale, justifying the chosen health promotion intervention
5. Outline the chosen health promotion approach to be used
6. A brief outline of the intervention
7. Indicate relevant ethical considerations

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