Assess how securities considerations can impact entrepreneurial initiatives

| August 18, 2015
  • Write a paper of 500 words, typewritten in double-spaced format (Arial 12-point font or Times New Roman styles), page margins Top, Bottom, Left Side and Right Side = 1 inch, with reasonable accommodation being made for special situations and online submission variances. 
  • Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines, including a title page, an introduction, and a conclusion. An abstract is not required. Cite in text and include a References section.
  • In your report, make certain that you include at least two outside references from search engines or scholarly sources from the APUS Online Library.  
  •  Your paper will be automatically submitted to Turnitin in the assignment dropbox. Originality reports will be returned to the faculty and student. Multiple submissions are allowed. Similarity Index does not exceed 15%.

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