Assesment edit and put correct answers in the required field NCOA Student Outline- Virtual Clinical Day Two Pre-Brief/Orientation (0815-0845) Learning

Assesment edit and put correct answers in the required field NCOA Student Outline- Virtual Clinical Day Two

Pre-Brief/Orientation (0815-0845)

Learning Objectives
Should be measurable and link the clinical experience to the course competencies and Program SLOs.

By the end of this session, learners will
1. Assess the older adult patient’s individual aging patterns and functional status using the

KATZ ADL standardized assessment tool.
2. Assess the patient’s readiness for discharge.
3. Compare and contrast appropriate nursing care facilities (specific to what is available in

students’ community) available for patient and wife
4. Create evidence-based COPD Patient Education for discharge to Assisted Living facility

Questions Prepped from Day 1 (0815-0900)


Dosage Calculations (0900-0915)

1. The client has an order for lorazepam (Ativan) 0.5 mg IV q6h PRN for agitation.
Available: Ativan 2 mg/ml. The nurse should draw up ____ ml of solution for injection.

2. A client has a temperature of 101.2 F. There is an order for acetaminophen (Tylenol) 650
mg PO for fever, and 325 mg tabs are available. The nurse should give ____ tablets.

3. The client has an order for dexamethasone (Decadron) 6 mg IV push stat. Available is a
vial for dexamethasone containing 4 mg/ml. The nurse draws ____ ml into the syringe
for the dose.

Individual Work (0915-1200)

-View each video link and answer the questions below (0915-1130).

1. Review KATZ ADL Assessment video and article: (28:25

2. Review Fulmer SPICES video and screening
overall-assessment-tool-older-adults (20:42 min)

a. Compare/contrast KATZ vs. SPICES (at least 10 sentences total)

3. Watch Diagnosis and Evaluation of COPD video (7 minutes):

4. Watch Lifestyle Changes for COPD video (2 minutes):–bzg
5. Watch Patient perspective – Anxiety, depression and COPD (2 minutes):

6. Watch How has COPD impacted your life? video (4 minutes):

7. Watch Geriatric Depression Scale video (27:42):

a. Summarize video with a minimum of 5 sentences.

LUNCH (1130-1200)

Touch Point (1200-1230)-Discuss above

Complete the COPD Pathophysiology diagram below by using your Gerontologic Nursing book- pg 373


Signs and Symptoms

Diagnostic Tests and Procedures

Non-Medication Treatment

Medications for Treatment

Using your ATI pharmacology eBook and complete the table below (1330-1430)

Drug Name Category Indication Side Effects Nursing

Albuterol (131)

Montelukast (135)

Fluticasone (134)

Ipratropium (133)

 Review the following articles and answer the questions below in 2-3 sentences per response (1430-1530):
o Project RED Toolkit- new and Improved RED Toolkit:

o The Transitional Care Model (TCM): Hospital Discharge Screening Criteria for High-Risk Older

1. Describe an example of when you would need these tools with the older adult client.

2. Describe how would you teach a new nurse about these tools in an easy way to understand.

Independent Work (1530-1615)

1. Review COPD Patient Education video (7 minutes) at:–vjM
a. According to the video what are the goals of COPD treatment?


b. Smoking increases your risk for COPD by how much?

c. What 2 infections are COPD patients at a greater risk for developing?

d. What is LVR?

Debrief (1615-1700)

Post-Cognitive/ ATI
Create an Individualized quiz with fundamentals and gerontology, 50 questions long

Upload screenshot of quiz made and how many questions answered

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