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| May 20, 2015

Assessment Three: Final Essay (40%) Due Date
An electronic version of the essay is to be submitted to Turnitin by 11.59 pm Sunday, 31 May.
The Final Essay provides the opportunity to undertake independent research on one of the key themes or topics covered in this unit. It will develop your note-taking and critical reading skills, as well as demonstrate the effectiveness of your written expression in an essay format.
Assessment Description
Essay of approximately 2,500 words that answers one question on the topics and themes of this unit.
Assessment requirements and Criteria
Research: You will be required to complete your own research using library sources (no Wikipedia). You should aim to include 7-10 library sources (library internet links or books).
Format: You will be required to use a standard essay format with an introduction, a body of the essay (analysis, argument, case studies) and conclusion. Students who need assistance with the essay format should use the UWS resources on essay writing noted in this unit outline. Assignments which fail to conform with formatting and presentation requirements (see page 8 of the learning guide) will be penalised.
Note: Do not use direct quotes of more than 30 words for each source. Both direct quotations and indirect quotations need to be referenced.
Length: Approximately 2,500 words (Essays under 2,000 words or over 2,500 words will be penalised).
Referencing style: Referencing is to be done in the Chicago style using footnotes only. Endnotes are not accepted.
Turnitin submission of your essay is a basic requirement – if you don’t submit your essay to Turnitin, your essay will not be marked.
Annotated Essay Marking Guide
The following is what we will be looking for in assessing your essay.
1. Writingstyleandstructureofworkpresented


Very good


Poor effort
Is the work free of grammatical and typographical errors?
Is the essay well- structured and well- written?

Is there appropriate acknowledgement of sources?

Have a sufficient range (7-10) of good quality sources been used?

2. Content, argumentation and research

Very good



Poor effort

Does the answer have a clear and focused argument?

Has there been appropriate use of evidence, examples of case studies?

Doe the work demonstrate an appreciation of the significance and implication of events and issues?

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