As discussed in class, multinational corporations weigh various strategic options as they develop globally. There is a tension between the desire to capitalize on global economies of scale and integration and the need to be responsive to local needs and promote autonomy for those responsible for managing each national market. The overall strategic choices a company makes will be reflected across the enterprise, including corporate structure, financing, marketing, sales and distribution, external affairs, human resources and R&D. Your task in Research Report 2 will be to evaluate the extent to which one foreign company in India—Nissan—has pursued a global or regional strategy.

| May 26, 2014

For this assignment, assume that I am going to India to have a meeting with the head of Nissan India. In a one-page memo brief me on the extent to which Nissan has used a global or regional strategy, or aspects of both, to build its position in India. Provide as many specific examplesas you can gather through your research using the company’s website and any other current sources you may find. I want to be well-informed about Nissan India’s strategy, so I am looking for both breadth and sufficient detail in your briefings.

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This assessment asks you to apply a theory to a particular kind of criminal offending. What this means is, how would Becker’s labelling theory explain sex work? How would Sykes and Matza’s techniques of neutralisation explain domestic violence? Or how would Merton’s strain theory explain shoplifting?

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