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Your task is to write short essays � target length: 500 to 750 words each � on three of the topics below. Essays should be in your own words � except for quotations. I will be looking for your own analysis and not the ability to paraphrase research; therefore you may do employ readings outside the course texts but this is not a research assignment

1. Select two works of art employing different media currently on public display in London which, to you, both tell a story (possess elements of narrativity). Compare how well each work of art is able to tell their story.

2. Assess the operation of Eros and Thanatos in Death of a Salesman. Which is the more prominent drive? (For this question, you might like to evaluate and contrast how these drives operate in different characters.)

3. In terms of genre, how might we interpret �The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock� as portraiture, history and still life?

4. How does Freud’s theory of repressed memories operate in Death of a Salesman? How do repressed memories contribute to certain characters’ �fatal flaw�?

5. Select three works of art (they may be pieces we’ve discussed in class, products of outside research or a combination) which you think are mimetic, representational and abstract but which depict the same thing. Which do you find the most compelling and why?

6. Art as rebellion or art as mastery � does art need to break the rules or show a mastery of the rules? Support your assertion with close readings of specific examples.

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