Artistic Expressions of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Theology

| July 15, 2016

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Each student will compile a scrapbook demonstrating artistic expressions of

Jewish, Christian, and Islamic theology (views of God). Each student must

endeavor to provide four distinctive works (art, artifact, or architecture), at least

one each from the three religions. You will include in your scrapbook individual

images of the pieces of art – images should be high-resolution, clear, and legally

obtained (i.e., follow copyright laws). Students should provide a discussion of

these images. Each image will be accompanied by at least 4 paragraphs of text,

single-spaced, explaining how the work evinces the theology of a particular

religion. A artistic work does not have to be originally crafted by an adherent of

the religion nor does the work have to be meant to be religious or of a specific

religion; but the more removed it is from religion or a particular religion, the more

the burden will be on the student to explain why it is included. Include a

discussion of the artist and the artist’s motives or motifs if possible. You may also

assess how well the artist conveys the message of the Scripture, if this was the

artist’s intent. Students must cite all sources and

do so in a consistent established style (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, or SBL).

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