Artificial Turf and Injury in Football

| February 17, 2014

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Dear Writer, this proposal is for a systematic review dissertation project and it needs to include: A Title to the project Main themes from the literature (bullet points) How you will go about ‘researching’ your project e.g. data collection systematic review. A time Line which includes dates for the completion of your literature review, investigation and time to write up your findings. The Time line should end around August 2011. Thank you
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In an attempt to research about the extent to which artificial turf lead to incidences of injury in football, I selected questionnaire as the method to use in data collection. A questionnaire is the best research instrument that can consist of all questions, which will enable me in gathering information about the Artificial Turf and the extent to which they influence incidences of injury in football (Fuller, 24). Traditionally, football matches have been played on grass pitches. There has been a great decline on the number of matches played on grass. This is because most regions in the world have a climate that does not favor the growth of grass. In addition, football matches are nowadays played in stadiums, which have roofs. Grass does not grow well in such stadiums. The use of artificial turfs is widely accepted as the best alternative to grass….ORDER NOW……
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