Article Review: Obama Unveils Energy Plans

| May 21, 2014

The article, Obama unveils energy plans, by Laura and Keith has some close relationship to business. The plan to begin using natural gas in the United State, has a lot of impacts to the economy of the country. Its effects will be felt in almost every spectrum of American people’s life. If the project becomes successful, it is believed that it will trigger positive economic growth and relief people from high costs of alternative forms of energy that they depend on to run their trucks and cars. Owing to the fact that the natural gas is more abundant, those people with low income will be able to access the gas at cheaper costs due to abundance in its production. This will help in improving their living standards hence, spurring economic growth. Furthermore, the plan will also reduce the cost of accessing energy in US as the natural gas will be cheaper than oil. This will therefore, shift the demand of other kind of energy such as oil and fuel as people will shift to use natural gas which is cheaper. In addition, natural gas is a cleaner form of energy when compared to other forms of energy and therefore, it is environmental friendly form of energy. Based on this fact, the gas will gain approval from different institutions agitating for conservation of environment. Therefore, the fact that natural gas is cheaper, cleaner and abundance, it will usher in competition in the energy markets. Furthermore, the benefits that the natural gas will bring will provide a competitive edge over other energy products leading to low demand in other fuel products as compared to natural gas.

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