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| January 22, 2015
Students will write a five-page primary source analysis paper on two foundational documents of the SCM—the Last Will & Testament and the Declaration and Address. Anthony Dunnavant has noted four key themes in the ideology of the early SCM—unity, restoration, freedom/liberty (of interpretation or opinion), and evangelism or mission (or “conversion of the world”). Your analysis of the two documents should give special attention to these four ideals and the following questions. How are the ideals defined and envisioned in these two documents? How do the documents’ authors and situational circumstances help one contextualize the ideals (use your hermeneutical skills for these SCM texts as you do for biblical texts)? Which ideals are most prominent? Which ideals are least prominent? Which ideals do you find most compelling or problematic (i.e., although it is not required, you may evaluate the ideals)? However you choose to present your findings and answers to these questions, you must engage the four ideals and analyze their contextual meanings and their prevalence in the two documents. This analysis is due on Wednesday, January 28, 2014 and aims to meet an early-term goal of student comprehension of the foundational ideas of the early SCM through a careful reading of two influential documents of the SCM. I also intend this to serve as preparation for reading primary sources carefully and constructing an answer to a question about those documents, which you must do for research papers. Prepare your analysis according to the grading criteria described in Appendix 4 and the formatting and writing guidelines in Appendices 1 and 2.

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Week 3 Discussion: "Project Scope and WBS"
Public Education; educating students on how it can provide the best academic background for students. What's the purpose of public education today? Citizenship, Workforce? Cultural, Critical Thinking? Global economy? Public school movement?

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