Article Analysis In the essay you must have a thesis, introduction , and conclusion paragraph .  Please read the article and comment what is important abou

Article Analysis In the essay you must have a thesis, introduction , and conclusion paragraph .  Please read the article and comment what is important about the sources. Please follow the rubric. Your evidence source lists should present the most important primary sources and secondary sources (10 of each) used by the author of the article to support his argument.Your essay should be about 750 words and certainly not less than 550 words, not including the source list. Upper Division History Courses Assessment Rubric first used AY 2019-20 Name:________________________________






Thesis – SLO 1

Can easily identify the main thesis and distinguish thesis from its supporting arguments.

Can easily identify and paraphrase the main thesis.

Has difficulty identifying and/or paraphrasing the main thesis.

Unable to identify the main thesis and supporting arguments.

Evidence – Identify


Can accurately identify all the assigned primary and secondary sources support the thesis.

Can accurately identify the majority of the assigned primary and secondary sources to support the thesis.

Identifies some sources; confuses primary and secondary sources

Unable to identify sources; unable to distinguish between primary and secondary sources.

Evidence – Evaluate


Can evaluate how well the evidence warrants/justifies the claims of the thesis.

Can distinguish the claims made from the evidence used to warrant/justify those claims.

Frequently confuses claims with factual evidence.

Unable to distinguish claims from factual evidence. Focuses on tangential or unimportant facts as they relate to the thesis

Summary – Completeness


Summary is concise and with no missing information.

Summary is clear, with no important missing information.

Summary is missing important information.

Unable to summarize document; important elements missing.

Writing Mechanics


The writing is free or almost free of errors.

There are occasional errors, but they don’t represent a major distraction or obscure the meaning.

The writing has many errors, and the reader is distracted by them.

There are so many errors that meaning is obscured. The reader is confused and stops reading. .



Includes an introduction that fully and concisely introduces the argument.

Includes an introduction that introduces the argument.

Introduction fails to adequately introduce argument.

Introduction is missing



Includes a conclusion that fully and concisely summarizes the argument.

Includes a conclusion that summarizes the argument.

Conclusion fails to adequately summarize the argument.

Conclusion is missing.

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