Art with classical myth

| April 21, 2014

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The class is Classical myth, instead of art, but i need a essay about art with Greek myth.
1.Pick a topic of your choice (something you’d like to explore) that has some connection with classical myth(Greek Myth), I picked art, so it should be sth about art with Greek myth,i hope it shouldn’t be too extensive, there should be some specific things, and pick some famous art works(i hope u can pick 3 from oil painting,frescoes and sculpture or more) about Greek myth to describe with own original ideas.
2.i don’t need reference and description,u don’t need to do this with MLA style, just write a 7-8 page (numbered) paper, double-spaced, in 12-point font, i hope it can be full 7 pages at least, thx
3. No need to use a secondary source (i.e., someone else’ s study, research, or views): I am interested in your own original ideas, thoughts, etc. This is supposed to be a paper that’s useful for you, one that allows you to discuss, work out a theme/topic that’s been puzzling to you, that you’ve been intrigued by, etc.
(it should be specific,sth have connection with classical myth.)
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