Art history essay: Great Modern Art

| September 27, 2016

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Art history essay
Final Essay Question – One of the main issues we grappled with in our class was how to judge
what “Great Modern Art” is and how we can discuss its merits. Your essay topic is as follows:
Pick two works of art in Chapter 31. Then argue that one of the works is choice that 100 years
from now, the art world will agree that you have picked a true art masterpiece. Then chose one
more piece from Chapter 31 you believe will be seen as a “Fad of the Time” and will not pass
the test of time as a great work of art.
Guidelines – As always, your ideas and a well written essay are the keys to a great submission.
In addition:
#1 Use the general art history essay style sheet guide
#2 Use embedded images full and detail to enhance your ideas.
#3 Give a short bio of the artist – photo of the artist and make sure you use footnotes. (This will
be quotes from the internet so it will be mandatory but not worth as many points as your
#4 Of course, we will not be alive in 100 years – at least I won’t, so there are really no “correct”
answers so your essay’s body and especially your conclusions are crucial.
#5 Use M. Kimmelman’s 4 ideas on Youtube part1 and part 2 : (
1.Skill- Skill is used in every art form and those who have practiced can create beautifully mastered pieces of art. Some art looks as though it does not take much skill at all, in order to understand some art you have to learn what goes into creating it in order to appreciate it at face value.
2.Standards- Modern art has broken past the old idea of having standards in what is art, now it is up to the viewer standards. Does the viewer have the ability to know why they do or do not appreciate a piece and can they be open to liking something they did not before.
3.Insiders/ Outsiders- insiders are often the people whom are trying to put standards on art and doing in a way that makes others(Outsiders) feel inferior for having their own opinion.
4.Money is the ultimate Distorting factor- Meaning money really distorts our idea of what is a good piece of art in modern times. As such, try to find out a current price for your two artists works.
Artwork in the Next 100 Years
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