Art Fund Proposal.

| February 12, 2014

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A number of potential investors have suggested that you set up an art fund to take advantage of the increasing interest in ‘real’ assets. You have been charged with the task of writing an investment proposal and strategy that will be used as a research and marketing tool in raising the necessary capital for the fund. You can choose any art market/sector or combination of markets/sectors. Consider the following elements in the proposal:
– Investment Strategy/Objectives?- Art Market Structure [of chosen sector(s)]?
– Art Market Size & Composition [of chosen sector(s)]
?- Art Market Risks/Opportunities [of chosen sector(s)]
?- Art Market Performance/comparative performance [of chosen sector vs other sectors]
– Investing in Art Through The Fund (Advantages/Disadvantages)?
– Portfolio Construction (risk, return, correlation with other assets)?
– Special Acquisition Strategies?- Value Enhancement Strategies?
– Professional & Expert Biographies [what experts would you bring on board]?
– Appropriate Research Methodology and Reference to Relevant (Academic) Theory
– Excel: Art as an Asset Class
– Excel: Calculate the performance of different art sectors versus other ?asset classes
– Excel: Price and liquidity risk and volatility
– Excel: art indices (VAR, STDEV, COVAR, CORREL)
– Excel: art portfolio – optimising the risk/return ratio. Looking at Sharpe-ratios and beta.
Assessment criteria:
• Structure and clarity: Is the proposal clearly and professional presented? Is it logically structured? Are the key points convincingly argued?
• Understanding and expertise: Is there evidence of sufficient depth, understanding and knowledge of the chosen sector(s)]?
• Rigour of research: What tools/methodology has been used to undertake the research? Are a range of relevant sources used to inform the discussion?
• Application of the theory: Is there evidence of understanding of underlying theory, where relevant? Are there references to appropriate academic debates that can inform practical choices?
• Credibility: Would the reader invest, if s/he had the money? Is the proposal sound?
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