Art from the 60s: from representation to presentation

| May 21, 2015



the focus is on these art movements:
starting from minimal art, moving across conceptual art and land art in USA
Arte povera in italy, Gutai in Japan

how the 60s/70s saw a shift in art:
artists getting closer to life, (for example, Happenings in USA) and wanted to abolish boundaries between art and life, so instead of representing something in the tradition of mimesis/resemblance they now use the medium as subject of their art

Joseph Kosuth, “represented”
Yves Klein’s Cosmogonies
Roland Barthes “Death of the Author”
Giulio Paolini, from Arte Povera- getting art and daily life closer together, and art and spectator closer too

Artists directly engaging with medium. for example, instead of painting or photographing water, they use water in their art.
ie. Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, Tacita Dean’s film “Disappearance at Sea”




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