Art Appreciation Gallery: Critique

| November 17, 2015

For Unit VII of the Art Appreciation Gallery presentation, you will again be adding to your PowerPoint presentation. For this segment, you will be adding a critique of your gallery pieces and explaining how they fit into history, culture, and society using the art criticism theories discussed throughout this course.
Research the elements using your textbook, the course content, or the Internet. Complete the slides labeled “Art Criticism Theories.”
A minimum of three PowerPoint slides are required; however, you are welcome to add as many as you feel you need. You may include more than one idea on each slide, but please do not overload the slides with information. Be sure to address the following:
 Select and describe the art criticism theory you feel best fits your selected pieces.
 How does the theory fit your selected pieces?
 What do these pieces say about history, culture, and society?
 Include at least one source from the CSU/Waldorf Online Library.
 Use APA style for citations and references.
 Please submit your full presentation thus far, which should include the previous updated segments and the segment for this unit.

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