art and identity

| April 3, 2014

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The instructions are as follows:
Develop an essay that helps us better understand a central preoccupation or core idea offered by your chosen author (Stuart Hall)
Your essay should make a claim about this core idea and respond to it by suggesting something new. ,Must engage with the original texts through citation and analysis, as well a clearly stated thesis must be included.
My 3 sources are the following:
1)” Who needs Identity” Stuart Hall from this link
2)” Minority Art, Folk Art and Popular Art” Hall, Stuart. In the Popular Arts. Hall, Stuart and Whannel, Paddy. Hutchison Educational Press, 1969; pp 45-66
3) ” Narrating the Nation: An Imagined Community” Hall, Stuart in Modernity: An Introduction to modern Societies. Hall Stuart, Held, David; Hubert, David; Thompson, Kenneth. Blackwell Publishers, 1996. pp- 613- 618
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